Nail down your summer colors

Are you one that changes your nail color weekly?  Or just does well to have any on at all?  We have great choices for either.

If you need a nail color that will forgive you for not touching up each week go for something nude. Just use a strong top coat to make it last longer. Sephora “Don’t Feed the Hand Models” is a light beige-pink color.

Get wild like a hot Havana night with Sephora’s mini collection, inspired by the sophisticated glamour of the Havana depicted in classic movies, as well as by this summer’s penchant for vivid color.

Want that swirl look? Apply one color and let it dry completely. Then apply a drop of your second color and gently drag it about the nail with a toothpick or other small object. Once it dries cover with top coat. There are many techniques for this but this was the shortest and easiest for us. Search online for video tutorials.