5 reasons for a facial

Being proactive about your skin care regimen early saves you from costly corrective procedures later.  Start in you mid to late 20’s with professional grade products.  Here’s why:

-Good products! An esthetician can pick the best products for your unique skin.

-A facial will balance the pH of your skin which helps keep breakouts away and can repair any pigment problems before they ever see the surface.

-Helps fight aging and promote circulation!   Necessary for good complexion.

-Skin care can be one of the cheapest maintenance items!  You can go to a school and get professional grade products with a relaxing hour long facial for less than $30 or look for weekly specials at local salons.  Many have plans for a variety of budgets.

-Keeps the stress away!!  Who knew one hour once a month could really relieve you from the stress of our lives?  It’s been a proven stress reliever not to mention who doesn’t like to be taken care of?  Pamper yourself because you owe it to yourself!

Big thanks to Danielle Byrnes of Midwest Anti-aging for providing us with these great answers and tips!

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