Plus 1

For a while now I’ve had feedback from our Haute Market shopping parties that there needs to be more plus-size fashion at the events and available in boutiques.  I agree whole heartedly.  Yet my next comment is that it’s SO hard to find nice quality plus size clothing that actually flatters the figure rather than hides it.

Having just opened my first boutique, Stiletto, I’m hearing the request for plus sizes even more.  My designer friend, a self-described “chubby chick”, (check out Avondale) and I have been scouring the net for fabulous items that go beyond size 14, that come in sizes with an X behind it.  My friends it is needle-in-a-haystack!  Sad but true.

While we have just a dash of plus size clothing at my store, it is nice quality and flattering.  Just yesterday I ordered this fabulous t-shirt that only comes in 1x, 2x and 3x ($22 should be in by next week)  Such a bummer because I want one!  Do you like it?  I love!

If you love it, please share it with others. (there is a handy little share button right below)

I invite you to keep the comments and suggestions coming so that we can bring flattering fashion to more than a size 4.

So whether you are what my dear friend calls herself, a “chubby chick“, or one of the “skinny bitches” (her terms not mine), you deserve to have great style!

I should mention that I think Michael Kors does a nice plus size line available at Macys.