New store coming to Olathe, KS

I suppose it’s been a long time coming, though I maybe didn’t realize it until it was right in front of my face, that I’d open a boutique.  All this talking the talk, now is turning into walking the walk. 

True to the humble Haute Market beginnnings that got me to this place, I’ll be supporting local small biz women with their desires and dreams to have their own successful boutique biz by allowing them a beautiful retail space to show off their finds.

The new boutique, Stiletto, will be not only apparel and accessories I love and want to share, but also a collection of some of my favorite buyers and boutiques.  A collaboration of talented women who want to bring fashion foward attire to the women in this area, focusing on current trends and ignoring fads.  Providing fabulous clothes expertly chosen and ensembles appropriate no matter the age or shape. 

Yes, we’re even working on getting a nice plus-size line.  That is not easy as many designers are shying away from the difficult task of providing fit and fashion for the non-model body types.

So if you are one of the two people who follow this blog 😉 you’ll now know why the posts have been so few and far between these last few weeks.  Negotiating a commercial lease and preparing to open a store in a two month time frame is simply NOT the way to go should you like sleep and sanity.  I’m not used to enjoying either of those so it’s business as usual here.

Stiletto Boutique is set to open the week before Thanksgiving.  Considering the construction crew only started two days ago, this will be an extreme makeover boutique-edition.  So if you are in the area of 151st & Blackbob in Olathe, swing through the Starbucks drive through and on your way out you’ll be facing the humble (but fabulous) beginnings of Stiletto Boutique just across the driveway.

Stay tuned for all the fun of building a store from the ground up (minus the fun of the negotiating process and lots of f-bombs) as my partners and I go through this madness to bring something fresh and exciting to the women in KC.