Plus Size gets nod at Fashion Week

It’s been a long time coming for the curvy gals to get their shot at the runway and better clothes. Thanks to for taking the lead in what is hopefully a growing trend.

Designers should wake up because the plus-sized niche is demanding, and willing to pay for, clothes that look good on them, not just size 0-2 models. It is acknowledged that the design has to change as the shape changes….um…so? You can’t say you have large sizes if they only go to 10 my friends.

I admit that even at our Haute Market shopping parties ladies ask me if any of the vendors carry plus sizes. usually I say “No, because it’s very hard, as you know, to find plus size clothing that will actually look good on you!” It’s the honest truth. Go into most departments stores and take a peek at the plus size department. Not a lot of curve-allowing clothes are there. Lots of fabulous muu muu’s though. Ugh.

A great friend of mine is a plus size girl…she’s self labeled herself a chubby chick and I shamelessly giggle every time she tells me she wants to host a party in her design shop for chubby chicks and serve cupcakes (sounds like a dream to me!). She too wants to design for plus sizes but as much research as we’ve done, it’s clearly easier to make and buy for sizes 0-8. But she does it on a request basis, so check it out

Seen here at the fashion show in New York for Spring 2011 is Nikki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe, Emme and KayCee Stroh at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on September 15, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Supposedly Marc Jacobs has clothing in larger sizes. What…like an 8 Marc? 😉 I will start looking for those now…

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