McQueen Tribute during London Fashion Week

Monday, Sept 20th, a memorial service was held for the late Lee Alexander McQueen in London at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Most of the elite in the fashion world were in London for fashion week and did not fail to represent the designer’s influence on them all.

If you’ve been to St. Paul’s Cathedral you know that whether Catholic, Christian or any other, you cannot help but be humbled in the awesome presence of the towering columns and the rich history of the church.  The fact that it held the 1000 guests paying respect to one of the most creative designers of our time under some of the most beautifully adorned ceilings in the world seems fitting for someone who left us so much beauty.

Family and friends gathered to remember their friend dressed in the finest McQueen garb.  Towering platform shoes for Daphne Guinness.  Embroidered coat for Anna Wintour. 

The designer, known for his avant garde designs, constantly stunned crowds with his amazingly choreographed fashion shows and shocking antics.  Like in 1999 when a model in a white dress was “attacked” by large robotic arms shooting her with spray paint.  Or the platform heels some models refused to wear for fear of breaking an ankle at one of the designer’s last shows.  For more examples the New York Times has a great timeline piece here: