Guest Blogger: Beauty is ONLY skin deep

By Danielle Byrnes

It was only about 15 years ago that Botox came into our lives.  Since then millions of people have been pricked and injected in an attempt to retain the look of youthfulness.  Little do we all know, that just as fast as it became popular, in less then ten years you will may not ever hear of one person doing it again. 

What is with the fascination of hurting ourselves for minimal results?  Especially with TOXINS at that?  Midwest Anti-Aging of Olathe, KS is proud to showcase the new era in anti-aging and cellulite therapies.  There IS an alternative to invasive surgery, lasers and injectables and we have it at our office.  

This machine is going to change lives and most of all help people of all ages stay true and genuine to what they look like.  It uses three different types of electric currents micro, nano and pico through this the lymphatic system is targeted but it does not stop there.  See the machine also corrects pigmentation, tone and texture the best part about it?  It is all NATURAL and good for you but most of all it is a all over the body experience that is also lasting!  Oh and did I mention that you may resume your normal activity immediately since there is no down time, your skin looks more beautiful then before you came for the proceedure!  If this is something that interests you please take a look at our web site and take advantage of our special of 1-hour Anti-Aging Facial OR Body treatment for just $47.  Please contact me through the website if you have more questions! 

Danielle Byrnes, Midwest Anti-Aging at