Budgeting for Beauty

beauty budgetIt’s the greatest concept to hit the Midwest since the storm shelter. 

Beauty is one thing we gals won’t give up completely.  We will find ways to afford the cosmetics we need, the services we want.  Now there is a new way to look at that and plan for it. 

Just guesstimate what you spend throughout a year…add it all up.  How much did you come up with?  $150, 400, $850?  Yikes…throw in some hair cuts, laser hair removal and the Botox and I’m easily close to 4 digits and that’s nothing compared to what I would WANT to spend.  Scary eh?  However, if you divide that total number by 12 months, it seems a lot less daunting.

But still,” you cry “there is no way I can set aside that amount each month and not spend it the next time I pass a fabulous dress in the window!”

Never fear my beaut…the Beauty Budget Card is here.  First up: Kansas City and spreading to other Midwest cities as I type. 

The cost:  NOTHING for a card holder!

The benefit: you end up having the money set aside and available when you realize you have a reunion in two weeks and your roots look like a skunk stripe and your pocket book is empty.

How:  just sign up for the card at www.beautybudgetcard.com to get started.  Tell them how much you want to save each month and they will pull it out of your account and put it on your gift card balance.  Use it when you need it.

AND…there will be bonus rewards coming plus some exclusive deals just for being a Beauty Budget Card holder and using one of their clients for your beauty services.

Really…I think it’s genius and kick my self on a daily basis (which is utterly painful with 5″ heels) that I didn’t think of this idea myself!!  Get the card, set up your easy plan and you’re on your way to freshly cut and colored hair, a relaxed back and maybe even hair free legs!

BONUS!!!!  for reading this far….sign up for the card by Wednesday, Aug. 18th at 5pm and you can have a free ticket to the Oct 7th Haute Market event!  Just let Beauty Budget Card know that Haute Weekly sent you.  They will let us know so we can send your ticket as soon as they are available.