Haute Market shopping party tonight

I am so excited!  First of all, it’s only mid 70’s right now so packing the haute mom van wasn’t so horrid.  Second…it’s Haute Market day!  While it’s a 12 hour day at best, it’s still exhilarating to bring everything together and see the plans in motion. 

Most don’t realize how long and physically exhausting this day is for all the participants, not to mention that it takes about 3 months planning and promoting to do each event. Today is when it all comes together. So here is a peek behind the scenes:

Typical Haute Market day….
9:45 kids to the babysitter
10:00 leave for the Ritz
10:10 come back home because forgot something.
10:15 leave again
10:30 arrive at the Ritz Charles and start unloading
11:00 measure out everyone’s booth spaces and tape boundaries, intern and assistant set up dressing rooms
12:00 bitch and moan about how tired we are already because we are out of shape
12:05 set up Haute Weekly booth space and boss around the set up crew boys to place tables, hang signs

From here on out it just gets plain stupid. I’ve stopped scheduling because we don’t stick to it. Inevitably someone shows up early that isn’t supposed to be there. Hopefully someone brings us lunch at some point. Then we have to change out of our “wouldn’t be caught dead in” moving clothes and fix hair, do makeup, etc.
2:30 – vendors check in and start setting up. Again, utter mayhem.
4:45 – I’m sucking down the last of my second chocolate martini before gathering the vendors in for a quick pow-wow and hopefully something that resembles a motivational talk.
5:05 – doors open 5 minutes late. Hundreds of women swarm in and shop like there’s no tomorrow.
9pm end of night scramble for everyone to pack up and move out.
9:45 we start to tear down after sucking down martini #?? (we’ve lost count), pack the van
10:30 go home to collapse.

That’s about it. Not super glamorous but totally worth it to help dozens of local businesses make a profit and for hundreds of women to let their hair down and have a great night out with girlfriends!
I hope you can make it tonight. It’s 18 & over so no kids running around, no strollers to dodge.
Tickets are $15 at the door, cash only. The bar is also cash only. Most vendors take credit/debit.

See you there! http://www.hautemarket.com

Watch the video: http://www.hautemarket.com/video_hautecommercial.html