Holly Hauteness wears flip-flops?

She may deny it if you ask her…but our spokeswoman, Holly Hauteness, has been wearing flip-flops to test out their claims of general fabulousness.  Our band of uber-fab PR girlfriends in the big apple sent us another treat to try out and tell you about.  Many don’t actually make the pages of Haute Weekly.

Why is it such a big deal about Holly, you ask?  Just that she turns up her nose at most suggestions to wear or buy flip-flops.  Especially the 2″ high flips with the sickening amount of large rhinestone decor.

Lindsay Phillips has a cute new flip-flop, the Jordi flip-flop.  Available in a variety of solid colors, the Jordi has an adornment that can be snapped on, changed out for another, and not too blingy for Ms. Hauteness. 

Our sample is the black pair which comes with this dome-shaped adornment with minuscule glass bling on it.  Reminds us of a ladybug.  Our extra interchangeable pieces are black glass flowers.  Were this flower clear glass, we’d have to pass.  But the black on black is subtle so is a go with the picky Ms. H.

The black coloring rubbed off onto the bottom of her foot a bit at first, so we recommend a light washing before wearing.  The snap on pieces fit pretty tightly which eased fear of losing one while about town. 

The flips are $24 and come with the adornment shown.  Extra snap-on pretty things are $12 a set.  The shoes are reported to be quite comfortable and are now a staple for all of us at the Haute Headquarters for wearing on the way to engagements, then slipping off quickly to change into our stilettos and into party mode.  Totally comfortable for the downtown/city girls who have to walk a mile from vehicle to office. 

We give Lindsay Phillips a European peck on each cheek for giving us a sample to test out and to change our views (with some exceptions) about flip flops!  You can check out the styles and extra snappy pieces at http://www.lindsay-phillips.com

Would you like to win a pair?  Just leave a comment below answering the following questions-

tell us which of the available interchangeable pieces you love most,
which color you love most,
what city you live in
and you are entered!  Winner will be drawn at random. The winner will be posted back here on the blog this Friday.  Must be 18 or over to win, resident of the U.S., void where prohibited, etc….

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