Spreading Hauteness to annoy

S0000….I am checking my stat stuff and finding out who links to me when I come across this forum of people who are a “downtown” crowd of Kansas City and who seem to adore bashing anything and anyone remotely involved with, living in or exuding suburbia. Specifically Johnson County and even our fun Haute Market event. The forum seems to be all about downtown and what is going on there with it’s supposed revitalization and such. So of course many of the forum members bash Cordish, who even if they have good intentions, seem to always be the subject of bashing from all sides of the metro.

So to have my say in response to some of their posts:

~yes…the vendors going into the Garment District probably buy inventory according to what their market requests. They will probably still sell some of it at the GD because that’s what people buy. I hate Ed Hardy attire and blinged shirts that say MOM (as if we couldn’t tell) probably as much as you do…but it’s not going away any sooner than the wife of your beloved mayor. 😉

~not everyone living in the ‘burbs does so out of preference but more so to be near their job, have a large yard for their kids and schools without cops frisking at the doors.

I would love to have a downtown loft if I could afford about 4000 square feet of running space for my boys, had a job for both hubby and myself down there, and ease of getting to a Target, Hen House and Walgreens, not to mention a nice parking place. Oh, and I like grass and trees and having neighbor kids nearby.

Oh…and our streets were clear of snow before it was done snowing. 😉

Oh WAIT….I DID used to live in Midtown, park in an uncovered lot, walk next door to the bar or sit on my deck to listen to Ida belting out tunes from across the lot. Plus I got to watch the helicopters circle over as the cops went on a high speed chase through my ‘hood. Gawd I miss that excitement.

Life in the ‘burbs is easy. Doesn’t mean we all drive suburbans and sit around gossiping while the kids are in school and our husbands work 12 hours a day.

~You’re an idiot if you don’t want suburbians to come to downtown to spend their money. Who cares what they wear. Can’t be worse that when the future farmer teens walked around with their gigantic hats, boots and belt buckles. As long as they are spending money in our metro, I turn a blind fashion eye.

So I’m thinking of going downtown to walk the streets in my best suburbia get-up to shake hands and get to know all these haters and maybe even let them take a photo with me to show our solidarity from across the state line. 😉 Or maybe I’ll just drive in circles and wave out the minivan window and throw bon bons.

And hey….thanks for all the links from “rag”. Helps my site rankings tremendously! And I do like your forum, by the way. Good to see someone supporting downtown.

Love and hugs from the ‘burbs ~ Holly Hauteness

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