Hey Smarty Pants

Have you ever had to trash a pair nice pants after catching them in your shoes and tearing them?
It’s not a happy thing.

SmartyPants has the fix.
Delivering a style-savvy, innovative and easy-to-use solution that helps women look and feel their best is at the core of the SmartyPants mission.

Adhere the SmartyPants strips to your pant hem and cry no more for ruined pants. The clear SlickStrips that can be reused (if you choose), but don’t forget to remove before laundering or dry cleaning. At just $14.95 for three, it’s a great investment to save expensive pants!

Visit SmartyPants today!

Big thanks to SmartyPants for contributing a pack of strips for all the Haute Market goodies bags we’ll be handing out this Sunday!