Give me a break

Ok, seriously? Ed Hardy Cabernet? As if the tatoo shirts, hats and even horse tack are not enough, you have to put it on a wine bottle? That’s just weird.
Kudos to my hubby who thought this would be of interest to me and my fashionistas.

So…it’s 9:45 a.m. and now I’m curious. Pour the intern and I a small tasting. She skipped the smelling just now and I think may have downed it (you go girl). If I just graduated after a week of campaign class project hell, I’d be drinking out of the bottle.

I’m smelling. Hmmm…nothing fab popping out. Strong alcohol smell and some fruit, I think. glug glug…
EEW! Maybe because I’ve had two cups of strong coffee but this tastes BAD. I will note that it is French and I don’t prefer that…but still. blech.
Curious as to what the H were they thinking…I visit the web site and find an array of beverages. Hmmmm….well. I guess if people finally get tired of the clothing you’ve got a fall back?
Let us know if you’ve tried and liked. We’re happy to give comments from the other side of the tatoo shirt 😉