Sun block

They tell me I should still be wearing sunblock and protecting my eyes. Well…should the sun actually appear I would be quite compelled, event excited, to block said sun.
Today I will be optimistic and WILL the sun to come out from its hiding place behind the layers and layers of cloud cover blanketing our Kansas City metro area.

This may jinx the whole deal, but I’m shopping for sunglasses online right now.
I found some great deals in an unlikely place after being intrigued by an email suggesting I check out WOW…their designer sunglasses are a GREAT deal!
Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Gucci and more.
A few of the faves I’m debating on. Perhaps will have to just get them all at these greatest prices.

Marc Jacobs black and gray shades, was $425, now only $137.76

Juicy Couture lilac framed sunglasses, was $225, now $108.48

Kate Spade purple/lavender sunglasses, was $190, now $83.99

Check it out and shop conveniently online at Let us know if you join me in daring the sun and buying some discount designer shades!