Fashionably warm

The cold weather has hit early in many parts of the U.S. I hardly had my fall wardrobe out when I suddenly had to scramble for winter coats, gloves, and furry items.

In addition to being in charge of the “Haute Headquarters” and mom to three rambunctious little boys, I head the Kansas City chapter of the Pajama Program (yeah, the one on Oprah). I love it all!
We’re lucky that our boys don’t go thru pj’s as fast as their other clothes, so last week was a series of opening storage tubs, trying on and handing down.
More kids than we would want to imagine don’t have this luck. Now that the cold weather snapped the Haute Headquarters storage facility (my garage) has to be transformed into a pajama sorting site.
But the racks are nearly empty!

So when you shopaholics are out and about grabbing a few new warm pieces to your fall/winter wardrobe, grab a new pair of kids pjs if you can.
In the Kansas City metro most of the boutiques that participate in Haute Market shopping parties will take the pjs for you and get them to me.

HUGE thanks to the Simmons Beauty Rest company. They are doing a nation wide drive in all their company locations!

Denim Couture in Overland Park has a drop box. I’ll be there this Friday night between 6-9 pm giving free Haute Market admission tickets for each pair of new kids pj’s you donate!

In Omaha there is a chapter and I’m sure my friends at Runway Boutique and Kajomas will help you too.
If you don’t live near these two cities just go to and find out who the chapter president is near you.
You could even get the office involved and have everyone bring a new pair of pajamas in one day.

In just one single drop off I usually need 30 or so pajamas. And our chapter distributes to about a dozen shelters in Kansas City. Many of these shelters have 30-40 new kids a month. Yikes…that’s a lot of pj’s!

Pajama drive ideas:
Stuff a bus
Pajama day

If you can’t buy pjs right now with your already tight budget but want to help, just email me and I can put you to work 🙂
Have a warm week friends!