Fashionably warm kids

I have a goal and a challenge for the Kansas City metro.
It’s a good one! It’s fashionable, good for the community and good for the soul.

The Pajama Program is very near to my heart which is why I became the chapter president for the Kansas City area when the position came open. I quickly got to know some of the fabulous people who manage the area shelters and was shocked by the number of children they serve each month.

About the Pajama Program:
Collects new pajamas and books for children in need and distributes to registered receiving organizations nation wide. There is a chapter in nearly every state.

In our back yard:
The Kansas City metro chapter serves about a dozen shelters. TLC, Rose Brooks, City Union Mission, SAFEHOME and Salvation Army, just to name a few. The need is for at least 300 pajamas each month.

The goal:
To get participation from local organizations and media in order to raise 4,000 kids’ pajamas and books to fully stock the shelters each month for the winter and beyond.

The challenge:
To reach the goal by Nov. 23rd to be sure the shelters are fully stocked for the holidays.

How are we going to do this?
~Well…I’m going to plea to (pester) the mayors of several KC metro cities to join us in making Danger Season not so dangerous for local kids in need.
~Schools can participate by challenging the classes to raise the most pajamas and books, maybe have a pajama day to celebrate.
~Office managers can simply ask co-workers to donate a new pair of pjs and a book this week and we’ll arrange a pick up. The same goes for clubs and organizations.

Several KC area business have volunteered to accept donations, several even offering to match the donations and/or give you a discount on their products or services! (See Facebook page for list)

How to help:

1. Bring new pajamas and books to the Nov. 22nd Haute Market and we’ll give you a free Tarte cosmetics mascara sample and lots of thanks! (while supplies last)

2. View this letter (pg 1, pg 2) for info on how to do your own Pj drive. It’s easy!

3. Volunteer to help us implement the campaign. Businesses that can provide printing, prizes for school challenges, venues for upcoming PJ drive events, and PR help are needed now. Plus we need volunteers to contact the schools and other organizations about holding pajama drives.

Email if you can help us in anyway with the KC Metro-wide Pajama Drive 2009. Please share this post with all your friends and colleagues.