New rewards for loving handbags!

You know I love my handbags and I love borrowing them even more than buying because then I can have a new handbag each month if I’d like (and if MasterCard allows it).

Avelle members and guests get almost twice as many points as before for every dollar they spend. Avelle is also now making it even easier for fashionistas to redeem their points ($10 for every 1000 points earned) by displaying their points balance right on the homepage, once they’ve logged in. As always, points can be redeemed immediately on, helping accessory-lovers make their fashion dollar go farther, while always looking fabulous.

Choose your fave bag today. Rent it for a week, a month or more! Send it back when you’re bored of it and start over fresh.

(Pictured above is the Michael Kors Skorpios Large Hobo Python Handbag)