Botax? The new circus…

There is much buzz about a proposed tax on elective cosmetic procedures. Depending on what you read, you may or may not believe it or support it.

Here is the lowdown on our research in the wee hours this morning:
FOX News says “Off the table”
…reports that while the 10% tax on cosmetic enhancement type procedures was indeed a real proposal thought up by some moron (my word) in the treasury department as a way to pay for the $1 trillion dollar health care reform circus (again, my word)… Trish Turner, contributing editor, says “most members of the finance committee have not heard of it” and therefore is assuming the proposal is off the table.

Ms. turner also writes that a Senator she interviewed also had not heard of it and laughed while discussing it.

Yeah…that was pretty much my response too.

Other interested parties in this supposed proposal would have you believe that this is a current government issue and is cause for immediate action, outrage and temper tantrum throwing.
There is even a petition “Stop Bo-Tax!” if you feel so compelled.
The writer of the post regarding the petition claims the medical aesthetics industry is under attack.

Really? I’m sure the government has that on top of the list of things to do today.

So, if I go get my Botox refreshed for approximately $150, does someone out there really think I’ll squeal about an extra $10.50 on top? I won’t like it, but not going to make me show up on Senate steps or sign a petition.

If one can afford the $5000 procedure, will the $500 tax really make a dent? Perhaps, but that’s the price you pay, as they say.

Now what may get an even bigger stink from our fellow Americans who don’t even have the right to vote is that there may be a proposed tax on video games to “discourage inactive lifestyles”.

Hmmm…I wonder if they will tax my computer or internet access more as I sit here only excercising my fingers….

or my books as I sit on my (getting larger) derier on the deck of my house which too is taxed…or take away the tax relief I get from those three little hooligans I’m watching from my post run around on the rest of my property, which is taxed.
It never ends..

Wow, there really could be a new circus coming to DC.