Made for Shades

According to the New York Times, and several designers, round sunglasses are the IN thing. Unfortunately for fashion followers, this round trend is not a great shape for all faces. Personally I think it’s a bit bug-like, but Lennon pulled it off, as did Harry Potter. Maybe you can too.

My preference is round-ISH. I went for a bit of an off-shape and retro-styled wavy arms recently (when my hubby wouldn’t cough up the cash for a handbag) in Prada. I had to settle for sunglasses.

By the way girls…if you are near San Francisco, Prada was having a 40% off sale on select handbags.

I thought I’d DIE walking out of there without one. Luckily the sunglasses purchase kept me among the living so that I could enjoy the vacay.

Prada Wavy Temple Oval Sunglasses – at Or members can rent for $70 a month at Avelle (Bag Borrow or Steal).