Gotta go go

Going away this Memorial Day? Whether you’re flying, driving, or taking mass transit, Bath & Body Works has 2 oz. travel size products for only $5. A perfect fit in any bag this Memorial Day weekend!

Relax and refresh with the Aromatherapy Tranquil Mint Body Wash and Body Lotion. Peppermint Essential Oil refreshes and combats mental fatigue while Rosemary Essential Oil improves thinking to foster creativity.

Boost your energy this Memorial Day with the Aromatherapy Orange Ginger Body Wash and Body Lotion. My favorite! Orange Essential Oil refreshes and uplifts to relieve tension while Ginger Essential Oil stimulates the soul and sharpens the senses.

These nourishing body washes contain Green Tea Extract to help keep skin looking younger and healthier and the ultra-creamy body lotions contain Natural Soybean Oil to nourish and moisturize skin.

I just stocked up on the moisturizing hand soaps a few weeks ago when every other news topic was swine flu. Now I get to go back to BBW to stock up on travel sized goodies for my upcoming trip to Napa! nah nah nah nah nah 😉

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