Anniversary Party

If you have read my blog since the beginning, or only recently, you should know that I adore handbags (and shoes and dresses) and that I have a shopping-affair with Avelle. I am so excited that I will be their guest blogger in May, but even MORE excited that their anniversary celebration starts today!
If you haven’t joined Avelle New Bag Borrow or Steal yet, do it now!
New members can enjoy a $25 credit on borrowing a handbag! That would make MANY bags 50% off or more! Just use code: 25DOLLARS (exp. 5/13/09).

Please don’t let me down my faithful fashionistas. And DO NOT carry an old worn out, out-of-date bag when this spring holds such fabulous trends and treats. Citrus colors are “IN” and so many available for rent right now. Or, if you become a member, you get access to the fabulous outlet full of seriously discounted goods.

I’m currently borrowing the Lipstick handbag by Timmy Woods.
Love it!