Laughs in the Mail

Snog Balm Cheeky Mint
For the last few weeks I have been getting lots of goodies and samples delivered to my door. None have made me nearly pee my pants like today’s treasure.

I grabbed out of the box two packages of Snog Balm and lost it!
If you know anyone remotely English, you know what a good snogging is and that you need some lip balm for it.

I haven’t heard the term used by my English hubby for a while now, but I do remember stories he retold of his youth about snogging with the birds.

So if you are going to have a good snog, I suggest first preparing the said snogging area with a good coating of Snog Balm. I prefer the “cheeky mint” flavor myself. Said husband has not returned from a long day in the fields as of yet, but I’ll soon see for myself how well the Snog Balm works out. 😉

Post a comment here about your latest good snogging and send me an email when you do so. If I pick your story as the best, I’ll send you a sample of Snog Balm!

Pucker up!

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