Great Hair Everyday

It is possible to have fantastic hair every single day that takes just minutes to fix, doesn’t have to be washed but once a month, and looks healthy at all times.

Wigged Out is a fabulous new wig shop created out of love and compassion by Tina Herold. Heartbroken about her own terrible experience shopping for wigs to get through her chemo treatments, Tina knew there had to be a way to make it more tolerable for cancer patients.

As a cancer survivor (yay Tina!) she has the understanding and compassion to make this difficult time better for women facing hair loss. Wigged Out is a beautiful new wig shop located in Tina’s home. The cheerful setting and adorable logo are indicative that this is a happy place created for any woman.
Tina has even made house-calls. Well, actually, hospital-calls. One woman heard about Tina’s wig business as she was taking care of her daughter who was in the hospital. Her daughter wanted a wig. The girl couldn’t come to Tina, so Tina went to her.

You too can have a wig. You don’t have to be experiencing hair loss. It’s a great investment when you want a change, much like hair extensions, only easier to care for.
Visit the Wigged Out booth at this Sunday’s Haute Market shopping event in Overland Park, KS. Try on a few wigs and have a bit of fun, get wigged out.