Boxing Bob

Good morning fashionistas. I was absent from posting yesterday as I was still recovering from the fabulous Haute Market shopping party on Sunday.
I was puzzled about the aching pain I felt, pretty much all over.
Then it came back to me…kicking Mr. Bob’s ass kicked mine the next morning.

My great friends at Title Boxing Club, the latest and greatest fitness craze by the way,
set up a mini stage at Haute Market, set poor Mr. Bob on there and let the ladies take a crack at it. Several ladies who endured very stressful weeks took some frustrations out on Mr. Bob.

I am the shy one and prefer sitting in the back drinking chocolate martinis versus being the center of attention. The things I’ll do to get some attention for a business friend, however, is another story. So with bravery boosted by a few of the previously mentioned chocolate martinis, I demonstrated how truly comfortable my favorite pair of platform shoes really are.

Thankfully my boys are in tae kwan do so I’ve learned a few things and only looked slightly ridiculous rather than full on. However after about three punches my arms felt like jello. What a wimp! This is why I promise to never fight back should someone want to mug me. I might chase you in heels to get my Prada back, but you can have the rest.
Punching is a different ball game, which is why I switched to kicking the crap out of Mr. Bob (thanks to my camera man for getting my best side – ugh, LOL).
A bit more comfort set in so the guys taught me to kick with the right, two punches with the right then a quickie with the left. Once I pictured a face or two on the dummy I was really taking some good cracks at it.

Moral of the story…usually isn’t one with me….a fabulous work out can be had with a few hourly kick boxing sessions each week. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. Title Boxing Club now has two Overland Park, KS locations and one in Lee’s Summit, MO. Check it out.

As for the fashion part of this segment…red top from Two Chic Blvd – very comfortable! Jeans, my favorite Eight14’s. Shoes from Zara.

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