Fashion on a budget

The economy is definitely causing some hurt, but I do believe it is getting better. At least it doesn’t cost almost $70 to fill up the gas tank. It has, however, made me halt my shopping, or what I would rather call “research“.

I’ve thought of ways to liquefy my assets. All those dresses in the closet that I’ve worn too many times, the one’s I never wore at all and still have tags.
Should I organize a swap? Sounds fun, but I really don’t have the time.
Perhaps ebay? But even there the designer dresses are going for such a fraction of their worth.
I just bought my first Diane Von Furstenburg dress for $365 in September. I wore it twice. I can’t stomach selling it for $50. currently it’s at Net-A-Porter (shown above) for $255.50, so maybe there is hope.

I just spotted a great black and white BCBG dress on ebay. Regularly almost $300, right now bid is at $90.99. What a bargain!
If you are looking at adding new pieces to your wardrobe, check out ebay or other similar websites.
Or get creative. Take all the “no longer wearing” items out of the closet and lay them on the bed. Think about how you might be able to layer an item to make a new look. Often a short sleeved dress can be put over a white long-sleeved dress shirt.
Try belting an a-line type dress, or getting a different color belt for an already belted outfit.

I’d love to know your ideas. Have you ever hosted or been to a swap? Tell me what you have done to conserve yet still look chic.

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