The trendy traveler

As many of you prepare to depart for holiday gatherings I thought it most important that you check out the recent article we posted at about fab traveling tips, thanks to our NYC contributing editor, Sarah. She’s “been around” and has the scoop. ha ha!

“We’ve survived Thanksgiving and are gearing up for the next 30 days of holiday celebrations! Keeping yourself organized while you travel is the best way to maintain your sanity(and the sanity of those irritable people behind you in the security line). What makes me such an expert? Well, a few months ago while on a business trip, I made my way through the security line and my bag required extra attention. The security officer said with a smirk “boy, that’s a busy bag!” And it was. It was a mess.
As a result of my “busy bag syndrome” I’ve managed to lose 2 phone chargers, 3 camera battery chargers, and countless tubes of lip balm and hand cream. So, my dear friends, on my latest trip I was determined to get it right…and am happy to share my tips with you!”
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