Either you’re in or you’re out

Fashion certainly changes as often as the weather here in the Midwest. The latest changes for NY fashion week have been churning up storms of gossip.

First Betsey dropped out, leaving me so disappointed as she puts on the most magnificent, theatrical shows. Recently she used a pirate theme to show off her girly designs and feminine frocks. But Betsey no more for NYFW.

Vera Wang, who is making strides with her lesser expensive line of ready-to-wear featured in Kohl’s stores, has also dropped out of fashion week leaving a gaping hole in the Thursday tent schedule.

Wait….what’s this? Its that..??? No…it couldn’t be! By golly if it isn’t our old friend Tommy Hilfiger filling Vera’s time slot in the tents after a three year break from Bryant Park.

The iconic american designer is back at a time when we could use some positive icons and nostalgia

First Obama, now Tommy. Good heavens Toto, this Dorothy can’t wait to leave Kansas and take seat in the tents to see what other surprises are in store. My mouth is already watering for my Midwest Airlines chocolate chip cookies.