Great music is fashionable

Music and fashion often go hand-in-hand. The makeup, the styling, it’s all part of the package.

It’s really great when a local band hits it big and it helps that they are fashionably hip too.

Drew6 and Haute Market have worked together several times over the last 2 years. Drew and a few of the band members have performed at the Haute Market events. Haute Market even had the honor of being the presenter for the We Kiss CD release party a few weeks ago.

Today I’m extra proud because Drew6 had the greatest review from our friends at INK Magazine here in Kansas City:

With its latest, We Kiss, Drew6 shows it has no pretenses. The record is an unbelievably polished collection of catches and traps carefully designed to ensnare the female listener. With a sharp ear to the ’80s, We Kiss runs the gamut from upbeat electro-pop to snakey slowdowns. Gooey synths melt across distorted yet restrained guitars to back up singer Drew Six’s extra-breathy delivery.” Steven Garcia, INK.

Not only is the music great, but Drew has a great sense of fashion…especially on stage. Always hot denim, usually a very cool vest and a hip scarf. Drew knows how the ladies like it! 😉

Get your CD and a few for your friends because this baby is blowing out quickly.
Download it directly to your music library.