Heart Throb

My trusty UPS guy dropped off another box. Honestly, I had no idea what it was.
The Haute Market event had just passed and that usually means the constant door bell ringing would too cease.
At further inspection it was revealed that the box was yet another from Avelle – the new Bag Borrow or Steal. That’s odd. I just returned the fashion show bags to them.
Oh dear….some people drink and dial…..did I drink and online shop again? It happens.

I tore into the box. Oh yes…I borrowed a Betsey Johnson bag. Yet I could not remember which one. As I opened the dust bag the shiny black patent leather bag shone back at me. My heart started pounding and my breath fell short….it was ADORABLE! My gawd I have good taste! The Betsey Johnson Ms. Mod rooomy hobo is better in person than online. This great tote is adorned with a sweater-like scarf that snakes in and out of the sides of the bag and ties in a neat little bow at the front. I am in love. You’d better hope they have more in stock because this borrowed bag has become stolen! (only $40 per month w/ membership!)