Box, Jab, Lose That Flab

Haute Market has partnered with Title Boxing Club here in KC to find out what the talk is all about. Be trained by “real” boxing and kick-boxing professionals and benefit from their real-life experience, not by someone who’s read about it.

And how can a diva resist when they offer PINK boxing gloves?!? I might even get off my arse and give it a kick. Don’t worry, we would definitely video tape the experience, if it actually occurs, so you could all have a good laugh! I think we should organize a lovely bitch-fight in their 18 x 18 ring and see what happens. New Haute Market event maybe? Hmmm…maybe not.

In just a few short weeks Title Boxing Club will open a bigger and better Overland Park, KS location since they have already become so popular and outgrown the original. Also located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri!

Go get your gloves on girls. Get fit! Get a TITLE body.