Binging at Bloomies

My recent trip to Fashion Week proved to be a much more successful shopping excursion than my last season trip. Now that I’ve “been there done that” I learned how to carve time out of the busy catwalk schedule to get in some much needed NYC shopping.

After lusting after my friends DVF dress I decided I MUST have one. I was on a mission and on my way to Bloomingdales. I fell in love with this Diane Von Furstenberg “Olivier” dress. Cap sleeve, all over negative floral printed wrap dress. Shoulder and sleeve in lace detail throughout. A-line skirt. $365 at Bloomingdales. A bit of a binge shopping trip indeed.

Then I stopped by the MAC cosmetics area for some number 33’s. Lashes that is. I was fixed right up and ready to go. Changed into my new dress, killer heels and lusty eyes and marched myself down into the subway and back to Bryant Park. I even have my own Metro Pass. New York is growing on me Toto. This Dorothy may go back to Kansas kicking and screaming.