Mom Jeans

If you don’t know what “mom jeans” are, that could mean one of two things. You do not own them, or you are wearing them now and don’t even know it.

How to know if you’re wearing mom jeans?
A few signs could be:
~they allow for your “poochy” area to hang out further than your bum sticks out giving the appearance of having a small innertube hidden inside, thanks to the incorporation of pleats.
~the waist band is elastic.
~the top of the jeans meets the bottom of your bra.

If you discover that you indeed have “mom jeans” and you wish to rid yourself of them, please just throw them away. Don’t feel you need to give them to someone. If you have mom jeans, chances are you know how to make a quilt out so you can cut the jeans into squares or something more eco-friendly like that. Go for it.

Enjoy this hilarious video spoof from SNL.

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