As Seen on TV

Did you catch the Haute tv time on Kansas City’s Fox4 station this morning? If not, we’ll have the video posted soon. If so, you’re probably wanting more info about finding the great deals I showed you on tv.

I found a few items at Forever 21 a few weeks ago which inspired the idea to do a piece on fashion finds, outfits under $100. Not exactly my forte’ as of late, but we all need a challenge.

It was the first time I shopped the store and I wasn’t sure I could make it through the racks and racks of clothing. However with my eagle-eye ready I went on a mission and pulled out some pieces that could be used for work, for cocktails and more. Pieces that could pass for a higher priced item, rather than the under $30 versions that they are.

High-waisted Denim pencil skirt $19.80.
I paired it with a white top with a bit of a ruffle down the front and a chic thin black belt at the waist. I couldn’t find it online, but did spot a similar style/fit at for $19.80.

Part of the challenge is the fit. An expensive item still looks bad on you if it’s not the right fit. Don’t try to hide parts of your body with baggy clothes. Learn the right shapes and sizes and work with the right silhouette.

Now the fun part, accessorizing. Since I saved such a bundle on the clothes I figured that my hard worked earned a splurge on accessories and extras. However, your fashionista knows how to shop. I found a beautiful pashmina/silk scarf at Frankie & Jules for just $20. A fabulous half-trench jacket at Deegie’s Carma, which in the current sale was about $30, down from around $70!!!

Next is the real kicker. The Prada bag that I borrowed. Yes, borrowed! Not from a girlfriend, but from Bag, Borrow or Steal. It’s my 5th or so bag from them and I love the concept. I search for the bags I want and borrow them for as long as I like. Instead of dropping $180+0 for a similar style in brown I found at Neiman Marcus, I used a coupon at Bag Borrow or Steal and have the precious purple bag for a month for a mere $150! That’s special membership pricing and with a coupon, but still an amazing deal to carry Prada for a while. Get your own Bag Borrow or Steal a PRADA Bag.

I also borrowed two fab bags by Betsey Johnson. One of which I’m going to “steal” for sure. That means that if you love a bag, you let them know you want to keep and and they’ll charge it to your account. Simple. Especially great for someone like me who changes her mind, and her handbags, often.

Watch the tv clip!