The Haute Hangover

If you’re tired from the tips of your toenails to the top of your head, that’s quite possibly a Haute Market hangover. Power-shopping will do that to you. Of course, so will a few fabulous chocolate martinis.

An enormous thanks to everyone who attended the Haute Market shopping party last night! You chicks were fashionable and fun! We had the best group of guests who were patient when the lines to the dressing room got long, when the isles got so crowded because so many women shopped for hours. Thank you!

The 40+ vendors and sponsors deserve much thanks and applause for setting up such fabulous displays and beautiful booths for guests to shop. Thank you all! Some of you drove thru a state or two to get to KC and I appreciate it.

Last night’s Haute Market shopping party was so fantastic and so fun that it makes all of the hard work and heavy lifting very worth it. And if you read the blog much you know I’m highly allergic to exercise, but this 2nd birthday party was worth breaking a sweat over!

Drew6 boys – you guys were fab! Thank you for providing great dance music. It’s always a fun time listening to original pieces, even if you did sneak in a little Johnny Cash. 😉

So many thanks are due that I couldn’t list each one. Please know that as a guest, we appreciate your participation in Haute Market events and hope you’ll be a loyal fashionista for years to come! I’m taking the weekend off, well, at least the next few hours 🙂 See you Monday here on the Fashion 411.