Sex On TV

It’s hard for me to admit this, but I have friends who have not seen Sex and the City. No, not the movie…the TV series! Any of them! Ugh…it breaks my heart.

Rather than shame them I’m trying to be a bigger person (as I snicker behind their backs) and find a way to help (so they won’t keep embarassing me).
Shop the Sex and the City Section at Store.HBO.comThe online HBO store has the complete series in a gift set – though only a true fan would likely spend the 200 smackers to own it (normally $299.95 but it’s $100 off right now). One can also buy on season at a time for about $30.

And girls, you know who you are…don’t try to talk me into throwing a party so you can watch these (unless you are offering to bring the drinks). Please take the time to watch all the SATC episodes, then see the movie. Maybe then you’ll understand my strange but endearing attraction to my other friends, Christian, Manolo, Prada…oh shucks…who am I kidding, if it has a 3″+ heel and an animal print or reptile skin on it, I’m in love.