Battle of the Bands

Last night in Kansas City was perhaps the most exciting night for top local bands. Mix 93.3’s Battle of the Bands’ final round took place last night at the Voodoo lounge. Of course we were rooting for our boys, DREW6. The boys were 3rd in line our of 7 or 8. I watched/listened to four bands before the smoke finally got too strong and threatened to dry out my just-treated hair and seep into my Prada bag.

Side note (soap-box moment): don’t these club owners realize that if they want the fab people with the fab outfits to come to their clubs, they are going to have to do something about the smoke? This is exactly why we don’t go clubbing (well, that and the babysitter & gas costs more than dinner and dancing)….the atmosphere ruins your hair, clothes, accessories, etc. It’s disgusting and it’s no wonder that people actually came out in cheap t-shirts, shorts and flip flops. To a CLUB! Why wouldn’t you take that opportunity to treat yourself by wearing your most fab outfit? – oh yeah, because of the smoke!? Ok, I’m coming off as a snob. But truly, put forth effort people.

So anyway…down off the soap box.
DREW6 absolutely killed it last night! (I think “killed it” is the new thing for “was really great”)
Their level of experience, confidence and ability to play many different types of music was absolutely evident and extremely impressive. With the addition of Trey DeBose tickling the sax and Happy Rhino’s, JQ, doing some amazing dancing, it was a treat for the eyes and ears.

Another impressive band, though not my music style, was WOO. A bit more heavy metal than my delicate ears can handle. At least in that venue (my ears rang well after the 45 minute drive home was complete). A talented threesome with a great local following as well.

Fingers crossed that DREW6 wins the competition because Haute Market chickies will be at Red, White and Boom and be sharing our booth space with Drew for a while to pimp his new CD. PLUS, Drew & Steve will be treating our ears to some live music at the July 17th Haute Market!

Check out the next Haute Market party plans and get tickets today! Shopping, pampering and live music!