After Sex

How does everyone feel after having seen Sex and the City this past weekend? I am a little let down. It seemed so rushed. A year of SATC covered in two hours? It just can’t be done. I like the slow moving, yet riveting plots of the TV shows…getting immersed in the characters’ lives and more emotionally involved with them. This movie just covered too much. It should have been split into part one and part two.
Of course I loved the Cinderella ending, the amazing clothes & shoes, and seeing our four old friends. Without giving too much away…it is still worth seeing, but expect something different than the tv series where it took 3-4 episodes for Carrie to date someone new, or an entire 20-30 minutes for Charlotte to pick out a pair of shoes.

I can’t help but wonder…will there be a new generation of four best friends in the city? It would be fun, but will never take the place of the original.