Mascara – Guest Blogger

We put another product to the test. Lancome’s Courbe Virtuose mascara.
It’s claim:
CurlGuard™ formula lengthens and holds a divine lash curve for 12 hours.
The KeepCurl™ brush provides an outstanding eyelash curler effect.
Long-lasting formula is virtually smudge-proof, tear-proof and easily removable.

This is what our guest blogger, Judi, had to say:
“Here is the scoop on the Lancôme Mascara that you had me try. I have been trying it now for about 3 weeks and I use my own one day and the Lancôme the opposite days. Not sure how much this mascara is but it did take me a couple of tries to get used to the shape of the handle. You have to hold it a certain way to be able to apply the makeup. I usually put my eye make-up on early in the morning 7ish but with this mascara by about 5 or 5:30 I started to get black eye under my eyes. It did not last all way and it also would ball up on the tips of my lashes… not sure what that is all about. Anyway I would have to say I would stick with something else before I would go out and buy this one. “

Ooh, sorry Lancome. At just over $20 per tube, this isn’t one I’ll go try to give it a second chance either. I’m still loving my L’Oreal Telescopic mascara. You have to be patient at first to learn how to use this new style of brush, but it gives my lashes such great color and length, it’s worth it.
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