Treats for Tuesday

With the changes in the weather, the new spring colors popping up in the gardens, I can’t help but want a change in myself. I feel the need for a new head. Since you can’t yet order a new one to size via the net, I’ll have to settle for a new hair cut and new make up.

Elf Cosmetics
Stumbling across this great deal for E.L.F. cosmetics sure seemed like a cosmic force was agreeing with me. Check it out and go nuts with new Spring colors!

What should you look for in spring makeup trends? Lilacs are hot along with soft purples and blues. Start small and subtle. Baby step your way to a more bold look.

Red lips or nude? Both are great this season. I prefer nude look for day and then siren red for evening. Try a few different colors and find what looks great on you. Step just slightly outside your usual comfort zone and find something fab!