Good morning fashionistas.
Not so good morning if you are my feet. They, and the rest of my body, have the Haute Market hangover. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with alcohol but everything to do with throwing a kick-(beep) shopping party last night! I hope everyone had a smashing good time. Thanks to the sponsors for helping us put on such a great event, and thanks to the amazing vendors who, again, brought fabulous fashions and goodies for everyone to enjoy!

It was so fun giving our Grand Makeover to teacher-turned-fashion maven, Tara. I’ll have photos to post very soon. She was a great sport and so were her supportive friends who waited patiently for Tara to get through her transformation. She definitely came out of her shell come picture time. Robbie Schraeder, the Haute Market photographer, is brilliant and pulling the fashionista out of the shy one’s!

Tara – you still have a gift certificate coming to you so I hope you read this because I need your address!!

If you’ve tried to view the web site today, I think it turned in it’s resignation yesterday. My dear webmaster was trying to accomodate all my demands so we could bring you even more fab features…and I guess it didn’t work out because the web site is hiding somewhere. Maybe it has the hangover as well.
Well, poop happens. It has been happening in undesireable locations due to potty training our 2 yr old, and it’s fitting that my “real life” and my “web life” bridge that gap and that my web site acts as stubborn as my two yr. old now.

Enjoy your day, and for you rocker chicks going to the concert tonight…say hello to Jon and the gang for me!