The FAQ on our events

It’s no secret that the Haute Market events are the cat’s meow, but it’s still new to some so we’re breaking it down for you here so you know what to expect out of us and our fab events!

Who is behind Haute Market?
One woman started Haute Market in June ’06 (that’s me). A year ago I brought on a sales rep and over-all fab helper so that Haute could grow and grow. We’re two moms, like many of our readers, who need something more than the love and attention of our children to get us through each day.

What is Haute Market?
Haute Market is two-fold.
A fabulous shopping party held several times a year in the KC metro area (and soon expanding to other cities).
It is also an online mini-magazine focused on fashion and beauty, plus covering related events around town and the nation, like local fashion events and major fashion week shows. We want to be your source for quick and up-to-date fashion and beauty information.

What are the shopping events like?
-It is NOT like a craft fair! There is fabulous music by our DJ who also acts as MC to keep the crowd energized and having fun.
-We give away LOTS of prizes.
-The boutiques and designers are hand picked based on their product quality and ability to provide guests with fashion-forward designs.
– the shopping is intense as it’s only a 4 hour event. Women get in, grab a drink and get shopping.

Are children allowed?
No. I don’t know about you, but I am with my children (3 boys) nearly 24/7. I want to get dressed up, fix my hair and go out with my girlfriends to do something just for me.
Haute Market events are 21 & over so we can have a kid-free environment and sip some grown up drinks.

What else besides shopping?
If you’ve bothered to get dressed up, fix your hair, put on make up…do you really think we’d let you just shop? No way…besides fab shopping Haute Market has complimentary beauty services: massages, makeup touch up, and more. Each event might have different services offered, but there are always wonderful things going on to make you feel pretty and feminine.

Other perks:
Each event will feature the Grand Makeover – one guest is plucked from the crowd and given a new look!
We have also teamed up with Mix 93.3 and Escape Limousine to bring 8 ladies to the event in style. Complimentary admission, goodie bags and limo ride to and from the event! (Registration starts soon on the Mix web site)

Haute Market is a destination for women. We want you to escape the daily toll of working, taking care of kids and let you enjoy just being you. Enjoy the company of girlfriends you’ve lost touch with, shop for something fresh and new to add to your wardrobe, and relax while you’re pampered by our many complimentary services.
Like I said…it’s the cat’s meow. 🙂