Stunt Lashes

It seems that I could theme the entire first quarter of 2008 to lashes because I’ve tried so many formulas and have so many more to play with. The last few days I’ve been testing what LORAC dubs it’s “new breakthrough mascara”, Publicity Stunt Lashes Long-Wearing Mascara. Yeah, that’s a mouthful.

What it is: Long wearing mascara.

What it claims to do: create long, lush lashes that are gym-proof, cry-proof and Red Carpet beauty-proof. It’s ultra lightweight formula is loaded with natural ingredients that create a long-wearing, innovative new technology, allowing you to take a break from re-applying your mascara every day without it smudging, budging or flaking for up to 3 days.

How do they do that?: the formula includes a plant cellulose that is combined with volcanic ash from an island chain in the South Pacific. The pulverized ash mixed with the cellulose and other ingredients produces a water impervious substance that bonds to hair, elongating the lash and increasing the wear due to it’s water-repelling qualities.

The product (which costs $18 online at Sephora) comes with a handy instruction guide for applying and removing the mascara. Starting at the base of the lashes, wiggle the brush back and forth and up to the tips of the lashes. It’s recommended that you apply at least two coats, which I did.
I found that the formula was so light-weight that it was difficult to get a lot of coverage. It took a long time to achieve what I thought was a good coverage for my lashes.
Next, while lashes are still wet, use the attached lash comb. This tool was helpful in separating the lashes but it was difficult to comb the lashes at either end of my lid due to the shape of the comb.

I applied this on Sunday. The first night I slept with this on, I woke with some crazy lashes. I know that I should sleep on my back but I often sleep front down which means part of my face is mashed into my pillow. Not good for preventing face lines or for long-wearing mascara.
I had some bits of the mascara still on this morning. Washing it off was no simple task. The instructions do let you know that if you want to remove on day 1, you’ll need oil make up remover and warm water. If removal is done on day 2, apply warm water to the lashes with a cloth and make downward strokes.

I tried a non-oil make up remover just to see what day 3 would hold. The lashes held. I eventually removed all of the product per the instructions.

My recommendation: there are a lot of great mascaras that last long enough for me. This 3 day stuff is not for me. I don’t want to worry that the lashes have bent and stuck that way. I want it to come off when I want it off. I think this does what it says, but is a bit extreme. I don’t know anyone that needs mascara to last 3 days. I got this product for free in my goodie bag from last week’s NYC beauty event…had I paid $18, I’d be taking it back to the store.

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