For The Babes

Bored, not sure what you’ll do today? Do something fabulous, exciting, exhilarating. My friends at Mix 93.3 here in Kansas City are doing a great radio-a-thon for the local children’s hospitals.

We all waste money on coffee, or eating fast food at lunch time. Donate just that much. It makes a difference. It helps pay for the movie nights they provide for the kids at the hospital. For the crayons and markers and craft projects that keep the kids busy instead of sitting alone and afraid in a hospital room.

I look at my donation as future investment. I have three boys and miraculously have only been to Childrens Mercy one time when my first baby was just a week old. However I figure that I’ll get a return on my investment with my third boy because he’s climbing on the countertops, jumping off the backs of the couches and off the side of the stairs. It’s only a matter of time. 🙂 Hopefully we’ll never have to use the hospital, but maybe my friends or neighbors will.

Check out the Mix 93.3 web site and how you can donate. Call, text or donate online. Do it today. It’s a good thing for our city and our children.