The After Math

Good morning fashionistas. Which of you forgot to turn the heat up last night? It’s COLD outside! I just want to curl back up under the covers and hide from my household duties I’ve neglected due to the Haute Market frenzy. My place is always a wreck when I come home and toss everything inside after an event.

Today is one where I wish I was back in New York where I could take my laundry to the woman across the street and it would be finished and folded for me when I picked it up. Where the taxi picks me up outside the front door and it’s already warmed up inside. However….we do have a darn good metro area here in KC and we are pretty fortunate.

A lot of great things happen in this metro area and soon Haute Market will help make it more easy to find out about what’d going on. Keep checking the blog each week day for events, fashion and beauty tips, and even a few contests once in a while!