Haute TV

Good snowy morning fashionistas! I hope you’re all snuggly warm inside the house today.
I have to venture out very early today to be on FOX4 TV. It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to get from my house to downtown, usually takes me 25 minutes. The snow is deep and the roads are trecherous in Kansas City.

The treck was worth it to be interviewed again by Laura Thornquist. She is a fabulous fashionista! I’ll post a link to the segment as soon as they have it online. For now, here are a few of the pieces I showed today.

The topic was about finding great “key pieces” for your wardrobe during the end-of-season sales, getting a good fit, and making them last through several seasons.

Fit is important, especially in pants. Pay a little to get a good alteration done if needed. It’s so worth it. I have to alter almost every pair of pants or jeans I buy, so I search the sales in order to save a little, then put that savings towards the altering.

Once you acquire several great pair of well-fitted pants, you can wear them throughout the year. In spring wear a tank-style top with empire waist like this one I found at Macy’s. For winter you can use a great jacket like this one I found at Lord & Taylor while in NYC last weekend.

With the weather we’re having, I have no problem spending money on some great jackets and coats. The one I used on tv today I bought from Frankie & Jules, a Haute Market vendor. If she has any left she says she will have them on sale this Sunday at Haute Market.

Look now for styles that are more classic, less trendy, so that they will carry through the next season or two. Clean lines, solid colors and a great fit.

Buy tickets now for this Sunday’s Haute Market before we sell out!