Bare Necessities

I am a bit tardy posting today. So sorry. I was sure I could get dressed, get kids out the door, pack and have plenty of playtime. Wrong. I’m sitting here at our beloved KCI watiting to fly to NYC for a fabulous beauty-industry event. I’ll get to sample new products on the market and even bring home a great goodie bag!
In honor of my beauty-related day, I’m posting the bare essentials that many area women use for their beauty regime.
Some make me laugh because they aren’t very bare. You’re lucky to see me at Walmart or Target with foundation and mascara on my usual days. 🙂

My friend Allyson, Director of Advertising/435 South Magazine, says:
What is your bare-minimum make up? – Bare Escuentals Bare Minerals foundation, Arbonne mascara, eye liner and lip gloss.
What products do you use no matter what? I don’t really have any no-matter what products. I am always open to trying new things.
Is it mascara that you won’t go out without? Maybe just a quick powdering?- always mascara – always foundation

My NYC gal-pal Sarah, works for L’Oreal in marketing – so I guess she can’t go super bare. She says:
powder (smashbox) a little shadow and blush (lorac) and gloss (vincent longo) oh and mascara (lancome)…and concealor (smashbox).

More bare essentials from “real” gals about town, coming tomorrow!