Kit Auf’d

Project Runway fans hissed, boo’d and said goodbye to a definite favorite last night. Kit failed the avant-garde challenge and had to pack her things.

What exactly is avant-garde? A French word meaning “front guard” basically referring to pushing the envelope. Doing something that is innovative, maybe even a bit over-the-top.

So in all honestly, Kit’s design was not that innovative or over-the-top, but she did try to stay true to the challenge of basing a look off her models hair, she just missed the mark. I thought some amazing ruffled skirt paired with a corset would have been more in line with her models hair.

Why is it that the cute blonde girls get auf’d so soon when they truly have vision and talent? Versus the cry baby types who stay on, most surely because it makes for better TV.
I believe that Kit will, like Alison, go on to design beautiful clothes that women love, and be successful designers. I certainly hope so, anyway.

I’m sad that I’ll be missing the Project Runway finale as my NY trip doesn’t take me thru the entire 8 day fashion marathon. Maybe if I get an invite I’ll shoot back there just for the show. I just can hardly wait to see who the final 3 will be!

The winner of yesterday’s challenge, to be the first to email me with the meaning of BCBG, was Cheryl Finch! Congrats Cheryl, you get two admission tickets and two goodie bag tickets to the feb. 10th Haute Market party!