Give It The Boot

I searched high and low for a great boot that was comfortable for walking many city blocks, but somewhat chic looking. By high and low I mean north and south, expensive and cheap. None of the nicer department stores had anything that fit the bill. The closest I found was a pair of designer boots that I had to wait about 20 minutes for someone to tell me that they didn’t have it in my size. Since it would have cost about 3 Ben Franklin’s, I suppose I got off lucky considering my later find.

I would have never entertained shopping at the discount shoe place for my NYC walking boots. I thought surely I’d have to spend, spend, spend. However, since I had to go to ULTA last week for my lip color review materials, I thought I’d peek in the Off Broadway store. There was not an impressive selection in my opinion, save the single pair of boots that I thought I might just get by with.

Besides chic, I had but two requirements: Warm? Yep. Comfortable? Yes, and even with a heel! Can you believe it? A pair of MUDD boots at the discount place (on sale for about $45) and now everyone asks me where I found my cute boots. I guess that maybe if I say “oh…Off Broadway”, that maybe people will think I mean the street, not the store. 🙂

So…although I wanted these Marc Jacobs boots (no chance at $1100+) I was reminded of my own lesson that sometimes we have to deal with what we’re given. High fashion isn’t readily available in my area, so I have to show that a cute outfit can be put together without spending a fortune. Check back tomorrow and see my splurge item!

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