Holiday Hair: Do’s & Don’ts

Special occasions call for special looks. Haute Market fashionistas are here to help you pull off a fab new look.
Whether you want to go sleek and classy, or full and sexy, it’s all “in” this holiday season.

Hair Do: do practice a new look before the day of the party. It’s one thing to show up to the office party with a totally new look, it’s another for the look to be one people stare at in horror.

Hair Don’t: don’t try something too drastic that is permanent. The answer to having curl is not a last minute perm. Try different techniques and different curling irons. If the look is something you love, talk to your stylist about making it more permanent.

Vilma, owner of Xiphium Salon, taught me a technique that I love and have been doing for each Haute Market party and other special occasions. It gives me loads of long curly q’s, but does take me a while to pull off since I have so much hair.

There is a special new curling iron to use for this technique, I don’t have it yet so I use a regular one. Start with a small section of hair to curl, instead of clamping the iron down on the end and rolling up, you start at the root area. Clamp down at the top, then use your free hand to wind the remaining hair around the iron. Hold it there with your finger tips, being careful not to burn yourself. Let go and gently pull the curl down and it should spiral for you.

I start by sectioning my hair and holding it back with clips or scrunchies. Then I start with the lower section in back and work up. Like I said, it takes some time since you are curling every bit of hair, but it’s worth it. Usually my hair is still curly the next morning and I can get away with running my fingers thru and shaking it out a bit.

This is just one of many ways to get some curl. Experiment and enjoy!

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