Who’s Preggers?

This facination the media has with who is or isn’t pregnant in Hollywood is slightly amuzing, but bordering on bordom.
Christina Aguilera just announced she’s pregnant. Oh really? Duh CA. We could tell that from a mile away. Plus, remember your good friend, Paris, she announced it for you months ago at the late night party? So sorry if we didn’t act surprised for you this week at your official announcement.

Then there is Jennifer Lopez still denying rumors. Honey…do you really need the media attention that badly that you need to string them along until you make an “official” announcement. Even your clothing designer is blabbing it all about town. Not to mention that your beautiful bump is totally showing.

Listen girls…flaunt it, show it and tell the whole world about it. Congratulations!

Photos by Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images